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HOPE is 8.5" tall and 4" wide at its widest point. It is an upcycled glass container that I have transformed into a small vase. It is perfect for displaying flowers and houseplants, or for storing pens, paintbrushes and other items! The pot is very textured, and the flower shapes along the surface have been painted into rainbow flowers! It is inspired by J-Hope of BTS and his colorful personality, as well as the artwork of Takashi Murakami.

All vases/pots/planters are designed to be one of a kind due to them being upcycled and painted by hand. Please note that the plants are not included, and this listing is for the pot only 🌿

What is upcycling and why is it important?

Upcycling, also known as "creative reuse", is the process of re-purposing by-products, waste, or even old and useless products into new ones! This is not to be confused with recycling -- recycling breaks down products into their raw materials to be made into completely new products, whereas upcycling creatively repurposes old materials while maintaining some of their original characteristics. 

By upcycling existing products and resources and transforming them to give them a second life, you are not only reducing what eventually ends up in a landfill, but you are also minimizing the use of natural resources. :) ✌🏻