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In the several years I've been running my business, I've grown (and am still growing!) to be more eco-conscious and I wish to be as sustainable as I can be while running my business. I am far from an expert and I feel that I will always have room to improve, but I would love to share with you some resources and practices that I currently use to reduce waste as best as I can!


✶ Most of my packaging, such as bubble mailers and flat mailers, are ordered from Ecoenclose. Ecoenclose is an awesome company based in the United States whose entire mission is to be as sustainable as possible! I could not recommend them more if you are also trying to run a more eco-friendly business.

✶ Most of my newer prints are made from recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable, and I primarily order these from Vistaprint. Some other companies that I have used and offer recycled/recyclable prints are Moo.com and Awesome Merch, and I sometimes switch between these 3 companies usually just depending on the quantities I need and coupons. :) 

✶ Sometimes I will package enamel pins and prints in recyclable paper snack bags as well as glassine bags, which are more water-resistant bags made from virgin paper, but are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. I usually get the paper bags from my local Michaels, and the glassine bags from Ecoenclose.


✶ Most of the time I won't use a paper or glassine bag at all unless I feel that your items need a little extra protection, such as if you've got a large order with multiple pins. It is also not uncommon for me to substitute these bags with craft paper or newspaper if it's what I happen to have on hand!

✶ I always reuse mailers, cardboard, boxes and plastic cellophane bags whenever I can! All mailers that come to my home are reused if possible, so please don't be surprised if your order comes in a used mailer or box or if your prints are shipped out in a reused plastic cellophane bag. 

✶ If I happen to find any unused plastic cellophane bags or mailers that I purchased in the past, I will definitely use them (not using them or throwing them out is much more wasteful) so in rare cases, I'll ship out orders using them. It's not likely to happen too often, but don't be surprised if your order is shipped out using these.

✶ As much as I love beautiful and thoughtful packaging, I try my best to reduce the amount of additional wrapping paper/void/etc. other than the actual items of your order if possible. However, every order will include a recycled "thank you" card from me, which is also 100% recyclable ❤


Friendly reminder that it can be extremely hard to find eco friendly options sometimes, and it is definitely not always budget-friendly, as plastic options are the most economical and accessible. If you can't afford to invest in recycled/recyclable products or supplies, remember it is FREE to reuse! ☺︎

I certainly still have a lot of room to become more eco-friendly, but I hope this was helpful to anyone who also is interested in running their business more sustainably. I encourage you to do what you have the means to do in your business and in your own life! 

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