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Restock Plans

✶COMING LATE SUMMER✶ (JULY-AUGUST 2021) ☺︎ Many preorders available now!

NEW Bangtan Zodiac Pin Series {LE}
NEW Stardew Valley Lovers Pin Series
- NEW Beware The Beast OTGW Pin
- NEW Paprika Window Pin
- Horror King & Queen Pin Set
- Perfect Blue Window Pin
- Warrior Girls Pin Set 
- Air and Fire Pin Set 
- Art Matters Palette Pin
- Plant Boys Pin Set 
- Junji Ito Pin-Up Girls Pin Series 
- Bandaid Boys Final Restock
- Tattoo Boys (Both Variants) Pin Series
- Rainy Joon Pin 
- J-Hope Selfie Pin
- Angel Canti FLCL Pin
- Raccoon City Gunslingers Pin Set
- Good For Health, Bad For Education Pin
- Boku no Neko Academia Pin Series
- Halloween Deku Pin

This schedule has been updated as of June 16th, 2021. If a pin you are looking for is not in the schedule above, it means it is either retired or there is no definitive decision on when it will restock yet. The list will be adjusted as needed once products sell out in my shop.
If you still have any questions in regards to specific items please do not hesitate to email me!