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Restock Plans + Production Updates


- NEW Stardew Valley Lovers Pin Series
- NEW Paprika Window Pin
- Perfect Blue Window Pin
- Horror King and Queen Pin Set
- Warrior Girls Pin Set 
- Air and Fire Pin Set 
- Art Matters Palette Pin
- Plant Boys Pin Set 
- {LE} Tomie's Body Pin
- Junji Ito Pin-Up Girls Pin Series 
- Bandaid Boys Final Restock
- Tattoo Boys (Both Variants) Pin Series
- Boku no Neko Academia Pin Series

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NEW Bangtan Zodiac Pin Series {LE} ** currently in production **
- NEW Beware The Beast OTGW Pin ** currently in production **
- NEW Legendary Hero Pin
- Rainy Joon Pin ** currently in production **
- J-Hope Selfie Pin ** currently in production ** ** currently in production **
- Angel Canti FLCL Pin
- Halloween Deku Pin
- Demon Slayer Kamado Siblings Pin
- Evangelion Pilot Girls Circle Pin

This schedule has been updated as of August 22nd, 2021. If a pin you are looking for is not in the schedule above, it means it is either retired or there is no definitive decision on when it will restock yet. The list will be adjusted as needed once products sell out in my shop.
If you still have any questions in regards to specific items please do not hesitate to email me!

✶NOT RESTOCKING✶ Thank you for your support on these!

Manga Horror Girls Pin Series
BNHA Hero Boy Selfie Pin
Nier Cursed Boy Emil Pin
NieR:Automata Flowers and Androids Heart Pin
Spirited Away Collab Set w/ Uyeon.Co
Ramona + 7 Deadly X's Pin
"Have You Seen A Girl That Looks Like This?" Pin
Serendipity Jimin Balloon Pin
Scenery Taehyung Window Pin
Daechwita Yoongi Pin
We are 7 Polaroid Pin
Smeraldo Flowers Pin
Flowers for Bangtan Bouquet Pin
Young Forever BTS Pin Series
GCF In Tokyo Square Pin
Tony Montana Pin
Pinky Promise Hands Pin
Disneybound BT21 Pin
2!3! Collab Pin Series w/ TheMonsturPlaza
2018 Tour Pin w/ IO.pins
2019 Tour Pin w/ IO.pins
Love Myself Collab Pin w/ MochiMoni
Mochi Jimin Pin
Busan Boys Heart Pin
Bangtan Bias Heart Pins
"The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" Heart Pins
Lovely Billie Pin
BBIBBI IU Telephone Pin
K-RNB Nostalgia Polaroid Pin Set
DEAN "LOVE" Colors Studio Pin
I Am Red With Love Heart Pin
L-O-V-E BP Polaroid Pin
Teen Titans Heroes and Villains Soft Enamel Pins
Hotaru and Flowers Pin