World's End Valentine Double Sided Keychain

World's End Valentine Double Sided Keychain

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"Oh... my sweet jelly filled donut~"¬†ūüć©ūüíē

Double sided keychain inspired by Sweetheart and Space Boyfriend (aka my most favorite toxic couple) in OMORI!

Art and designs based on the characters from the indie videogame OMORI created by indie developer OMOCAT.

* D E T A I L S *

~ pictured are both sides of ONE keychain; Sweetheart on one side, Space BF on the other!
~ keychains are acrylic and come to you with a protective peel-off plastic on each side to prevent scratching (it's really hard to see but I can assure you it's there!)
~ keychains are roughly 2" tall and include a light pink lobster clasp